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Date(s) - Jun 10 (Sunday)
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Siddha Medicinal Practices
A fundamental approach to manage improved health-related quality of life

Presented By 

Dr. Jagadees Ramasamy (BSMS., MSc., PhD). 
(Assistant Professor, Medicine,  University of Illinois at Chicago)


Dr. Prem Sundivakkam (MS., PhD., MBA)
(Director, Pharmaceutical Product Development)


11:00 am :: Presentation
12:00 pm :: Q & A, Discussion
12:30 pm :: Lunch



We would like to invite you to an exciting workshop on Siddha Medicinal practices presented by Dr. Jagadeesh Ramaswamy and Dr. Pram Sundivakkam. Siddha Medicine has been taught by enlightened sages for thousands of years in India. Sage Agastya is considered as the first siddha (enlightened) to teach this medical science to other sages. Since then it is being handed down through lineage of Guru and Disciple.

Everyone is welcome.