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Date(s) - Jul 31 (Sunday)
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


(Actual date of Swami Satyanandaji’s Mahasamadhi – Aug 2nd, 1971)

Dear Divine, On this day we will pray and meditate in remembrance of Mahasamadhi Day of Swami Sri Satyanandaji.  

09:00 am  :–  2nd Kriya Meditation
10:30 am  :–  Talk on Swami Shri Satyanandaji
11:00 am  :–  1st Kriya Meditation
12:00 pm  :–  Lunch (you are welcome to bring some food to share)

Swami Satyananda Giri

The meaning of ‘Manmohan’ means ‘the one who charms the mind’. Manmohan was indeed a boy everyone loved. His parents name were Mohini Mohan Mazumdar and Taravasini Devi. In 1906, when he was around 10 years old, Manmohan meets a little older boy Mukunda, who later becomes his friend, philosopher, and guide. Mukunda inspires him, teaches him the art of meditation, and plants the seed of spirituality in the tender heart of Manmohan. Manmohan meets his Guru preceptor the age of 15 and later accepts monastic vows from his Guru preceptor and goes on to become a great master of Kriya Yoga, known as Swami Satyanandaji. While his friend Mukunda (Paramahamsa Yogananda) spreads the message of Kriya Yoga in west, Swami Satyananda dedicates his life spreading the message in India.

Swami Satyanandaji became the head of Karar ashram which was founded by his Guru Swami ShriYukteswarji. Starting from 1940 he started travelling all over India to spread the practical science of Kriya Yoga inspiring thousands of seekers. In 1944, a great famine fell on Bengal affecting millions of people. Answering the call of people who were crying for help, Swami Satyanandaji started the foundation of ‘Sevayatan Satsang Mission’ with the motto of “Service with love and meditation for all.”

A writer, a composer, a singer, a poet, a servant of downtrodden people, an educator, a moralist, and a spiritual master – he was an exceptionally divine being who walked on the soil of India to shower the knowledge of truth on everyone who came in contact with him. He led a full life of dedication, service, love, simplicity, activity, devotion, and spiritual realization. He loved truth, realized truth, and lived in truth.

Few teachings of Swami Satyanandaji

“Do not consider the fault of others”
“First practice and then preach”
“The practice of Kriya is the practice of self-analysis”
“Every work is an opportunity to worship the divine”