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Date(s) - Dec 23 (Sunday)
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Christmas Celebrations (Sunday, 23rd December)

09:00 am :: Second Kriya meditation
10:30 am :: Lighting candle and reflecting on Jesus’s teachings
11:15 am :: First Kriya meditation on Jesus’s teachings
12:30 pm :: Lunch

Jesus, the only begotten Son
(excerpt from the book Second Coming of Christ)

The spirit is unmanifested absolute – ever existing, ever conscious , ever-new joy. When He projects creation, He becomes three : (1) God, the Father, (2) the only begotten Son,  and (3) the Holy ghost. 

The Father is the spirit and intelligence which remains indirectly active beyond creation, The creative vibratory or cosmic vibration matter is the Holy ghost. Christ represents the consciousness or intelligence within Jesus , the man. This changeless Only begotten Christ Consciousness is also in the hearts of all true souls of all ages. Jesus said , when the son of a man consciousness (physical consciousness) is lifted to the astral plane and become one with the Christ Consciousness , he will know eternal life.