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Date(s) - Mar 3 (Sunday)
9:00 am - 1:00 pm



Celebration of Mahashivaratri



Maha Shivaratri is a festival dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva, and is a solemn event notable for its introspective focus, fasting, meditation, and self study. The celebration includes maintaining an all-night vigil and prayers, as devotees consider this night as “overcoming darkness and ignorance” in one’s life through the worship of Shiva. It is believed that no prayer goes unanswered on this sacred day and those who pray to Lord Shiva with the utmost devotion on Mahashivratri are absolved of their sins and attain Spiritual Awakening, Salvation, and Realization.


Program Schedule

09:00 am: Second Kriya Meditation
10:15 am:  Rudrabhashekam (Holy bath of Lord Shiva with vedic hymns)
11:15 am: 1st Kriya Meditation
12:30 pm: Lunch
01:00 pm: Clean Up Seva (20 minutes)